Dental Emergencies during the Covid-19 Pandemic Proved Beneficial for Many

Dental Emergencies during the Covid-19 Pandemic Proved Beneficial for Many

Nov 01, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt by March 2020 when restrictions were imposed on all services provided by professionals. IT professionals were asked to work from home. Many businesses were shut down to prevent people from coming into close contact with each other, and some services were limited only to emergencies.

Dentistry requires dentists to work in close proximity of patients, making them highly vulnerable to contacting the coronavirus pandemic either from an affected individual or an asymptomatic patient. Guidelines were issued by the ADA and the CDC to dentists to restrict services they offered merely for emergencies. It meant dentists could only assist in emergencies and none other.

While some people may have rejoiced because they no longer had to worry about regular dental visits, the situation proved beneficial to many. People who encountered dental emergencies like severe pain in the tooth, excessive bleeding from the gums because of advanced periodontal disease, etc. These people could contact their dentist to report a dental emergency and seek treatment promptly before their condition is aggravated to something dastardly.

Did Everyone Benefit from the Situation Imposed by the Pandemic?

People mindful of their oral health undoubtedly benefited from the situation imposed by the pandemic. They no longer had to contact the dentist’s offices multiple times for an appointment or wait for long hours when they reached the dentist’s office. As patients with emergencies, they received prioritized treatment from the dental professional helping them to alleviate the pain and discomfort they were experiencing.

Besides making treatments available for people with dental emergencies, the Covid-19 situation didn’t relax any other requirements for patients facing dental problems. For example, people with a knocked-out tooth were not given additional time to reach family dental to have the tooth reinserted into its socket. People had to follow the time-tested method of getting to the dental office within 30 minutes with the tooth kept moist condition for best outcomes.

People with a dental abscess or any other severe infection were still being recommended the standard treatments like root canal therapy for draining the abscess or tooth extractions to eliminate the problem from their mouth altogether. The Covid-19 pandemic merely made it easier for patients encountering any dental emergency to seek treatment quickly without anxiety or stress.

How Did People with Excellent Oral Health React to the Situation?

Once, it was the turn of people with excellent oral health to experience dental anxiety even though they do not fear dental visits and maintained regular contact with their family dentist. People could no longer seek advice on which mouthwash they should prefer from their regular dentist or visit dental offices for exams and cleanings every six months. Thankfully most people realized they were confronting an unprecedented situation heaping trouble on the entire world rather than just their dental health. These people did not feel discriminated against; they were kept away from receiving the regular dental care they were accustomed to and had to retain any issue affecting them in their mouths unless it called for a visit to emergency dentistry.

The situation was unpleasant for some and beneficial for the others. Unfortunately, dentists did not have a mechanism for testing patients arriving at their clinics are for the coronavirus. Under the circumstances, they had no options but to adhere to the guidelines of the governing authorities and restrict their practices only for dental emergencies.

Many dentists have taken the Covid-19 pandemic head-on by investing in technology to offer Teledentistry services to patients living in their vicinity. They make available one-to-one discussions with the patient using video conferencing and other methods and advise on how to manage dental emergencies until they can get to the dental facility. The Las Vegas dentist meets all patients with Teledentistry because the coronavirus hasn’t discovered any method to overcome technology, allowing people to remain in contact with each other.

Presently everyone living in Las Vegas can contact this dental professional for advice on any dental issue bothering them, understanding full well they only receive an appointment if they are affected by a genuine emergency. Dentists, despite making efforts to overcome the situation, aren’t willing to challenge the pandemic by opening their offices to everyone until they are cleared by the governing authorities to do so. Patients facing any dental emergency can use the services provided by this dentist to understand how best they can manage their situation and, if necessary, receive an appointment to see the dentist personally for treatments.

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