Do You Know That Health Can Impact Your Overall Health?

Do You Know That Health Can Impact Your Overall Health?

Sep 01, 2021

Your mouth is the entry point of whatever you eat or drink. It is because of this that it is vital to ensure your mouth stays as healthy as possible. If your oral health is affected, your overall health will also be affected. In this blog, we will discuss the relationship between your oral and overall health to help you maintain proper hygiene.

The Connection between Your Overall Health and Oral Health

Generally, our mouths are full of bacteria, good and bad bacteria. The “bad” bacteria lead to dental problems such as dental decay and gum disease. On the other hand, the “good” bacteria are harmless, and they help with bodily functions such as digestion.

That said, as much as your mouth is the entry point for edibles, it can also be the entrance for bacteria. If you don’t maintain proper hygiene, your mouth will be a safe haven for harmful bacteria. The bacteria can react with food particles to form acids that cause cavities. What‘s more, bacteria can lead to gum disease, one of the leading causes of tooth loss.

Another connection between your overall and oral health is the fact that certain medications can reduce saliva flow in your mouth. Saliva is crucial in digestion, plus it neutralizes acids caused by bacteria in the mouth, reducing the risk of bacterial infections.

Moreover, if you are struggling with certain diseases such as HIV/AIDS or diabetes, it can affect your immune system. If your immune system is affected, dental problems such as gum disease can be even worse. In addition, some studies show that poor oral hygiene increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Evidently, there is plenty of connection between your oral and overall health. Therefore, it is paramount to ensure your oral health is at its best condition to improve your general health. We are here for you if you’re looking for a dentist near you in Las Vegas.

Benefits of Improved Oral Health

Now that you have an idea of the connection between your oral and general health, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy if you improve your oral health.

Better Breath

Bad breath may sound like a small problem on paper, but it is quite a serious challenge if you are struggling with it. It can make you fear talking in public and seriously affect your self-esteem.

In most cases, bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene, but it can also be a result of underlying medical conditions. If you improve your dental hygiene and visit the dentist every six months, your oral health will improve, and you won’t need to worry about bad breath. Talk to us if you are looking for a dentist in Las Vegas, NV.

Improved Confidence

Typically, most healthy teeth are white and sparkly. This is not to say that stained teeth cannot be healthy or all white teeth are healthy. However, there is a high chance that if you maintain proper oral hygiene and see the dentist every six months, your teeth will be healthy and white. When you have white and sparkly teeth, your smile is improved, and this improves your self-confidence.

When you have an improved smile, you also become a happier person. This is because your body releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) every time you smile, improving your mood. When you are happy, your mental health is likely going to be better.

Lowers Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is the fear of dentist or dental clinics because of past experiences, fear of needles, or hearing bad stories about dentists. But the fewer dental problems you have, the lesser you are going to fear the dentist.

After all, you will just be seeing him for cleanings and exams, not when you are in pain. The dentist will not need to use advanced dental procedures with you.

That said, don’t fear seeing a dentist thinking that dental procedures are painful. Things have changed, thanks to sedation. You can be comfortable on the dentist’s chair without worrying about pain.

Peace of Mind

When you have healthy teeth and gums, the risk of developing dental problems such as toothache is very low. If you are not in any pain, you’re likely to have more peace of mind.

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