Four Facts About Teeth Whitening

Four Facts About Teeth Whitening

Jun 01, 2020

In recent times, teeth whitening procedures have surged. Most people are looking for the best way to remove the yellow stains and brighten up their smile. Why is that? Well, because of factors like age, smoking, diet, and poor hygiene, our teeth are slowly changing their off-white shade. With teeth whitening, however, you can get a dazzling smile in no time.

Teeth bleaching offers great benefits, but before you come for your teeth whitening in Las Vegas, here are a few facts to note.

1.Teeth Whitening Comes in Different Versions

Teeth whitening is available in two options: at-home whitening kits and professional treatment. The major difference between the two is the hydrogen peroxide levels.

  • In-office Treatment

The in-office treatment contains a higher dosage of the whitening agent, probably the reason why it delivers fast results. Although hydrogen peroxide in large doses can damage your gums, our dentist will apply a protective solution to shield against sensitivity.

  • At-home treatment kits

Cosmetic teeth whitening products are readily available, but most are not effective. The whitening kits contain either small or too much whitening agent, meaning the results are unsatisfactory. Furthermore, these products can cause gum bruising and discoloration that further worsens the situation.

Take note: Some people assume using products with high hydrogen peroxide will deliver results, but that’s a myth. Using high doses of the whitening agent does not offer better results. Moreover, it’s been reported that too much hydrogen peroxide weakens the enamel.

2. Home Remedies and Do-It-Yourself Procedures Are Not Effective

The use of baking soda and activated charcoal has been on the rise. Although the two products can remove mild stains, they are not effective in the long run. Furthermore, using baking soda damages the enamel and makes it weaker. Baking soda does not contain fluoride, which is effective in preventing cavities.

Activated charcoal has also been shown to be an ineffective solution for teeth whitening.

Using lemon and strawberries is also not recommended. Remember, lemon is acidic, and using it will lower the ph. Making it easy for cavities to form. Furthermore, the lemon can cause yellow stains which worsens the situation.

3. Teeth Whitening is Not for Everyone

For teeth whitening treatment to work, you need to have healthy teeth and gums, devoid of cavities. If you have dental restorations such as veneers, crowns, and bridges, teeth whitening is not an ideal solution. You cannot alter the shade of these restorations once they are fixed.

Other factors that may disqualify you from professional teeth whitening include age (not ideal for children below 16 years), pregnancy, gum disease, sensitive teeth, and worn out enamel.

4. The Whitening Results Don’t Last Forever

Although professional teeth whitening is effective, the results don’t last forever. The bright smile can last between nine and 18 months. Also, other factors such as age and lifestyle can cause the teeth to discolor again. You can, however, slow down the discoloration process using these tips:

  • Limit consumption of coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and alcohol
  • Always brush your teeth immediately after eating
  • Get regular professional dental cleaning to remove plaques. Accumulation of plaques can darken the teeth.

What is the Teeth Whitening Process?

When you visit our dental clinic, the dentist will examine your teeth and apply a protective gel on the gums. Next, a hydrogen peroxide solution is put on the teeth for 15 minutes before rinsing. The process is repeated three times for effective results.

Professional teeth whitening is safe, but you may experience some tooth sensitivity after the procedure. You may also have gum irritation if the whitening agent comes in contact with the gingivae. The dentist may recommend a sodium fluoride or potassium nitrate to combat sensitivity.

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Professional teeth whitening is a safe treatment and is the best way of maintaining your bright smile. We recommend getting regular teeth whitening at least once a year for the best results. Visit the Tooth Family Dental for your teeth whitening treatment. We also have other dental services ranging from pediatric to family dentistry designed to support your dental health.

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