Orthodontist or Dentist: Whom Should You Choose for Aligners?

Orthodontist or Dentist: Whom Should You Choose for Aligners?

Jan 01, 2022

Oral care goes a long way in making a smile beautiful. However, you may have healthy white teeth but have your smile flawed by misaligned teeth. Straight teeth not only look healthy but add confidence and beauty to your smile. There are several treatment options available for straightening teeth.

One of the methods dental professionals use for straightening teeth is aligners. Aligners are teeth straightening devices that straighten teeth differently from traditional braces. They come in different brands, which are clear in color and straighten teeth discreetly. Most people choose aligners over braces due to their versatility and comfort.

The issue comes in choosing the person to provide treatment using aligners. You may be wondering whether to have the treatment from your general dentist or an orthodontist in Las Vegas, NV. Some dentists offer essential orthodontic services, but they are not qualified for orthodontics. Here is information that will help you make a decision.

Can Your Family Dentist Straighten Your Teeth?

Your family dentist may be the first to notice signs of misalignment during dental checkups. However, they may not be suited for correcting the misalignment. Whereas your dentist may not be an orthodontist, they may attend special seminars. The seminar gives them the training needed to offer a few orthodontic treatments. So, yes, your family dentist can straighten your teeth.

You may opt for treatment from your family dentist since you have a rapport with them. If you do, ensure that your dentist can provide the treatment you need. You can do this by checking their previous work record and experience in orthodontics. Find out how the family doctor treated cases similar to yours and whether the results were satisfactory.

Should You Pick a Dentist or Orthodontist for Orthodontic Care?

An orthodontist specializes in correcting teeth irregularities. A dentist focuses on keeping the mouth healthy. The orthodontist is trained to identify, correct and protect the teeth and jaws of the patient. Although your dentist may be trained to treat mild misalignments, they may not be as efficient as an orthodontist. Below are some benefits of an orthodontist compared to a dentist.

Benefits of having your teeth straightened by an orthodontist include:

  • An orthodontist undergoes more years of additional training compared to a general dentist. The training equips them better for straightening all types of misaligned teeth. Your dentist may have some training but not for treating all types of malocclusion.
  • Some techniques which provide fast results are not available to dentists but only to orthodontists. The orthodontists’ experience allows them to come up with strategies for individual treatments.
  • The orthodontist will focus on aligning your jaws, teeth, and jaw joints to the face to create a beautiful smile. On the other hand, a dentist may straighten the crooked teeth but not make a straight smile.
  • Orthodontists offer expertise in orthodontic care. They have the knowledge required to find the best plan for correctly aligning your teeth. Your dentist may offer the service but lack the expertise in coming up with an effective treatment plan.

Which Services Are Provided by an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist works with a dentist to help maintain proper oral care and a beautiful smile. Here are some services that the orthodontist in Las Vegas, NV, provides:

  • Diagnosing And Treating Overcrowded And Misaligned Teeth
  • The orthodontist uses teeth and jaws, realigning appliances that put pressure on the teeth and straighten them over time.

  • Treating Malocclusions
  • An orthodontist is trained in treating jaws that do not align, leading to overbites, underbites, and crossbites. With the use of braces and aligners, this dental expert will align the jaws and straighten your teeth.

  • Maintaining Space
  • Your orthodontist will use space fillers on your child’s jaw to maintain the space after a primary tooth fall out too early. They prevent adjacent teeth from moving into the gap and affecting their growth and development. The fillers are kept in place until a permanent tooth erupts in the space.

  • Providing Palatal Expanders
  • Orthodontists use these appliances to broaden the curve of the upper jaw and correct misalignment.

If you need any orthodontic services and are looking for an orthodontic clinic, contact us at The Tooth Family Dental. We provide orthodontic services for people of all ages.

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