Same Day vs. Traditional Crowns: Which Is Better?

Same Day vs. Traditional Crowns: Which Is Better?

May 08, 2020

For years now, dental crowns have been used to correct different dental flaws like tooth decay or cracked teeth. In general dentistry, crowns are one of the most common dental procedures performed in a year, and 15 million Americans who’ve undergone this procedure can attest to this fact.

Due to technological advancements in dentistry, some options are now available for this common procedure. You can either go for the traditional crowns or the same-day CEREC crowns.

Before you get this treatment, it would be best to know the difference between these crowns.

Are Same-Day Crowns Better Than Traditional Crowns?

Dental crowns, in general, are prosthetic restorations that are fixed on damaged teeth to restore them to their original function, size, and shape. Crowns are bonded on the teeth and restore the outer aspect of the tooth hence the name “crown.”

To determine which is better than the other, let’s look at some of the pros of same-day vs. traditional crowns:

  • Convenience: since you would not need to take extra time off work or duties to undergo the procedure
  • You will save plenty of time because you will need one visit to create and fit your crown
  • Aesthetically they are more appealing than traditional crowns since our dentist has time to pick the same shade of crowns as your teeth. Porcelain crowns are also more attractive than lab-created crowns fused with metal.
  • The crown fits because any adjustments that are to be made can be implemented since you are there during the creating and molding process
  • Some patients do not fancy putty and find it somewhat uncomfortable, so they get to skip this part of the process
  • There will be no need for temporary crowns while you wait for the permanent crowns hence also eliminating another visit.

On the other hand, one of the main advantages of traditional crowns is that they tend to be stronger than same-day crowns.

Either way, it is essential to note that, like most procedures, it comes down to your preferences. There are instances where you might be forced to go a different route.

Same-Day Crowns Procedure

During your appointment, our dentist will have to prep you for the procedure beforehand. It will not be uncommon if you receive a root canal treatment or removal of decay before the crown is fitted.

If there is a need for additional prepping, then it will be done first, then you will proceed to the next stage of the procedure.

A 3D camera will be used to take images of your teeth so as our dentist can get the digital impressions. Digital impressions are more comfortable as compared to the traditional impressions.

Once enough images are taken, they are uploaded to a computer. Then using computer-aided design and computerized manufacturing, the porcelain crown is created. The process is done in the comfort of the waiting room. You do not need to wait for weeks to get the crown.

Shortly after it’s made, we will call you back, and we will fit your crown. This process doesn’t last longer than one hour.

Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

There are critical differences between same-day and traditional crowns. Knowing these differences and their advantages plus disadvantages will help you make an informed decision.

  • Strength and Materials

Ceramic is used to make the same-day crowns, whereas traditional crowns are made of various materials like ceramic, porcelain, and metal. The crowns that are fused with metal are durable because metal integrates well with the sensitive part of your teeth known as dentin.

Ceramic is aesthetically pleasing but not as strong as the ones fused with metal.

  • Time

For you to get traditional crowns, you will need at least two appointments two weeks apart. The waiting time between the two appointments is for designing and creating the crown.

As for the same-day option, you will get the crowns, as the name suggests, on the “same-day.”

  • Impressions and Temporary Crowns

When you get traditional crowns, there is an impression that must be taken so as you can get a perfectly fitting crown. It is not an enjoyable process, and the material used doesn’t taste good either.

You will need a temporary crown, which is typically weak and falls out sometimes. A temporary crown is not necessary when you get the same-day crowns.

Now you are better placed to make a decision on which crown is better than the other. Regardless of the crowns you choose, at The Tooth Family Dental, we have you covered.

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