Natural Teeth with Dental filling

Dental Fillings in Las Vegas, NV

Years ago, the only option you had to correct a cavity was a metal filling that was anything but discrete. Today, a dentist near you can use a few aesthetically pleasing options to stop the decay in your teeth from spreading while preserving the natural appearance of your teeth.

At The Tooth Family Dental, we offer you several materials for dental fillings in Las Vegas and can help determine the ideal solution for you. We discuss the price, appearance, strengthen, and longevity of each material to assist with your decision.

Who Needs a Dental Filling

A dentist near you will evaluate your teeth and possibly conduct an x-ray to examine your teeth for cavities. If you have one, our dentist removes the decay from the tooth using a dental drill. Then, our practitioner replaces the missing portion of your tooth with a material like porcelain, metal, or composite resin – all of which have their share of benefits and drawbacks. We can also use a filling for broken, cracked, or worn teeth.

Comparing Filling Materials

Amalgam has a long history of use in dental fillings in Las Vegas. It consists of mercury along with silver or tin. This type of filling is becoming a bit outdated. Although the amount of mercury in them has been deemed as safe, many people would prefer not to have this type of filling. This option is inexpensive, but these fillings are silver – meaning they’re very obvious.

You could receive a gold filling. It’s still conspicuous but doesn’t contain mercury. It’s strong like amalgam, so it works well for your back teeth. Additionally, it’s one of the less expensive options for tooth repair offered by a dentist near you at The Tooth Family Dental.

Another option you have is composite resin, which our dentist can color to blend in with your natural teeth. This dental filler consists of glass and acrylic. We use it for small to mid-sized teeth, and it is strong. It’s a bit pricier, but it is worth it for some.

You may want to consider porcelain for teeth that aren’t subject to a great deal of pressure. This option can blend in with your natural teeth. However, it’s more delicate than metal. Additionally, porcelain is one of the more expensive options for teeth repair.

Schedule an appointment with a dentist near you at The Tooth Family Dental, serving Las Vegas and the surrounding area, for tooth repair using one of our many options for dental fillings.

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