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Endodontics in Las Vegas, NV

Each tooth seems like a tiny simple structure, but the truth is that despite being relatively small, teeth are quite complex. Externally, you see a white resilient structure that seems like bones. Teeth and bones are very different from each other despite both being a lot more complicated than they initially seem.

Inside the hard exterior of our teeth, there are nerves, blood vessels, and cells forming what is known as the pulp. These delicate structures are known as the root canal. You might be thinking “isn’t root canal a type of treatment?” because we get that a lot here at The Tooth Family Dental in Las Vegas. You’re not wrong. Root canal is commonly used to refer to treatments involving this part of the tooth.


Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with diseases of a tooth’s root canal or pulp. Endodontists are dentists who have further training that allows them to take on these conditions and treat them properly. Like all dentists, endodontists undergo basic training and are certified dentists, but they undergo additional training to make them qualified for root canal treatment procedures.

Here at The Tooth Family Dental in Las Vegas, we are qualified and equipped to deal with your endodontic needs.

When Is an Endodontist Needed?

Knowing the difference between a regular dental problem and one that requires an endodontist can be difficult for patients. Usually, if you’re experiencing sudden severe pains or increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods, that means the nerve supplying your tooth is exposed and/or affected.

Postponing treatment will lead to nerve death and the pain will stop. You’ll assume that it was a temporary issue and that now you’re okay since the pain is gone, but that’s not the case. The damage just progressed enough that the nerve died.

Apart from the pain, your dentist might notice a cavity being too deep and the possibility of root canal affection. If that happens, you’ll be referred to an endodontist for further assessment and possible treatment.

Endodontics sounds like a big scary word, but it’s not. It’s just a specialty of dentistry dealing with the core of our teeth.

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