Beautiful Natural Smile with Dental Exam & Cleaning

Exams & Cleanings in Las Vegas, NV

Out of all of the treatments currently offered at The Tooth Family Dental in Las Vegas, by far, the most common is the exam and cleaning. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that everybody have two appointments each year so that a dentist can check on their current oral health and wellness, eliminate plaque buildup, and prevent future issues from developing.

During an exam and cleaning, one of our skilled dentists will inspect your teeth, gums, and other soft tissues to search for the warning signs of oral health concerns. The appointments are a necessary form of preventive dentistry and can help you improve overall wellness in the long run.

The Procedure

One of the ways in which The Tooth Family Dental in Las Vegas stands out is in our devotion to patient comfort. Many patients avoid getting their biannual exams and cleanings out of general anxiety, a fear of the dentist, or simple discomfort with having their teeth cleaned. To ensure each of our visitors is relaxed, we offer a procedure that is comfortable, efficient, and focused on the individual.

Patients who choose to visit our office for exams and cleanings can speak with the office when scheduling an appointment to discuss accommodations like sedation or bringing a comforting object to the exam. Our dentists and hygienists are skilled in their field and offer exams and cleanings that are painless, non-invasive, and designed to minimize the anxiety or pressure a patient might feel.

What You Need to Do

When visiting The Tooth Family Dental for an exam or cleaning, the only thing you need to bring is your smile and any insurance information you may have. Our professional staff will take care of the rest. Our state-of-the-art treatment rooms are equipped with modern technology and luxury, and you can relax in a comfortable, padded chair while receiving treatment.

Scheduling Future Appointments

If you know you would like to book another exam and cleaning in six months, be sure to speak to our front desk. The receptionist will be glad to schedule your next appointment in advance, so you don’t have to worry about penciling in time for treatment.

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