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Dental Extractions in Las Vegas, NV

We try to avoid dental extractions because it’s hard to replicate the resilience and look of natural teeth. Unfortunately, they’re required sometimes, and the best thing to do. Here at The Tooth Family Dental in Las Vegas, we want you to know the indications of dental extractions so that you’re prepared for the possibility.

Indications for Extraction

The most common reason we extract a tooth is if it’s no longer viable. This could be due to decay from infection or trauma. Sometimes it’s possible to salvage a tooth after a hard knock, but other times, repairing it isn’t possible.

At The Tooth Family Dental, we might also recommend dental extraction when your teeth are misaligned. If your jaw doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all your teeth, some need to be extracted for a better smile. Those suffering from a weakened immunity should also have certain teeth extracted. The reason is that these teeth can act as sources of infection that a person’s immunity can’t take care of, putting them at serious risk of complications.

Finally, if the gums in an area of your mouth are diseased and lead to loose teeth, the best course of action could be extraction. We might try to clear the disease, but if it’s not reversible, then we have no other choice.

The Importance of History and Assessment

Dental extractions are not usually high-risk procedures, even though they sound scary. Most patients don’t need any special preparation or precautions before the procedure. A thorough history and overall assessment are still vital to identify high-risk patients.

These include patients who have valvular heart diseases, weak immunities, liver disease, and artificial joints in their bodies. High-risk patients are more vulnerable to bacteria that might enter the bloodstream during the procedure. In these patients, we might recommend an antibiotic before we start the extraction.

Are Extractions Painful?

Most of our clients ask how painful an extraction is going to be. Rest assured that we use local anesthesia before we start extracting to numb the affected area. Additionally, we might give sedatives to excessively anxious patients.

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