Fluoride treatment remove dental cavities and drink a water happily

Fluoride Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

Fluoride is a natural substance that has proven to be very useful for oral health. The well-known mineral is used to strengthen the enamel of our teeth and even fight off oral bacteria and pathogens.

Those who are at a higher risk of developing dental cavities should visit us at The Tooth Family Dental, Las Vegas to find out more about the use of fluoride. Additionally, the regular use of fluoride treatments can lower the incidence of dental caries in the general population.

Are You at an Increased Risk of Developing Cavities?

Several risk factors can make you more liable for dental cavities and caries. The use of drugs and alcohol can make people more susceptible to cavities, especially with excess use. Having a dry mouth and not having a healthy diet lowers your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to infections including dental ones as well.

How Often Is Fluoride Treatment Recommended?

There’s no fixed rule for how many times a year you need to get fluoride treatment. It varies from once every 3, 6, or 12 months. The exact number is better decided by your dentist. Here at The Tooth Family Dental, we’ll be able to give you an accurate number based on our assessment of your oral cavity.

The better the state of your dental health, the fewer fluoride treatments you’ll need per year. Those who are at a higher risk, as we mentioned earlier, will likely need more treatments per year than others.

How Fluoride Treatment Is Given and Its Natural Sources

Applying fluoride to your teeth is easy, brief, and painless. As dentists, we have several ways of providing fluoride treatment. We can do it by using a brush, swab, tray, or by giving you mouthwash. The whole process takes a couple of minutes. It’s recommended that you don’t eat or drink for about half an hour following fluoride treatment. This gives your teeth time to absorb the mineral.

Fluoride is present naturally in abundance. It’s in water and any food you cook using water. It’s also in tea. For infants, fluoride can be found in infant formula.

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