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Preventive Dentistry in Las Vegas, NV

Preventive dentistry is a broad term that is more complex than people seem. Restorative procedures like implants produce incredible results but ask anyone and they’ll tell you how they’d prefer to keep their original and natural teeth their whole life.

The goal of preventive dentistry and ours here at The Tooth Family Dental in Las Vegas is exactly that. We want you to maintain your teeth and gums in the best possible condition to extend their lives. This will reflect in a lower likelihood of requiring restorative dental procedures later on.

Services of a Preventive Dentistry Professional

Preventive dentistry can be provided by your dentist and encompasses more duties than you might initially think. Starting with your diet, you’ll be advised on the best food to eat for your oral hygiene. Sugary foods and beverages are better avoided while fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dairy products are excellent.

During your routine visits at The Tooth Family Dental, we’ll also remove built-up plaque and tartar for better oral health and a brighter smile. Bacteria that lingers a long time on your teeth can form hardened plaques and tartar that are impossible to remove at home. We’ll also show you how to properly brush your teeth and floss so that you can prevent that build up in the future.

Upon noticing a weakened tooth, part of preventive dentistry is strengthening it before it becomes significantly damaged. A weak tooth is likely to fracture and break with slight trauma, so a crown might be added to provide it with some support.


Fluoride treatment is a procedure done under the name of preventive dentistry, so are dental sealants. By applying fluoride to teeth, we strengthen them and help stop any ongoing decay. Dental sealants are used to fill tiny, naturally existing, grooves in molars and premolars.

The reason we want to fill these grooves is to keep the bacteria from inhabiting them and using them to hide from the toothbrush. Both fluoride treatments and dental sealants are most recommended in children as they’re more vulnerable to developing cavities and poor oral hygiene compared to adults.

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