Dental Veneers Treatment

Veneers in Las Vegas, NV

Dental veneers are shells that are bonded to the front surface of a tooth to improve the appearance of a tooth. Veneers are often made from resin composite materials or porcelain, as these materials closely resemble the natural color of teeth. At The Tooth Family Dental in Las Vegas, we recommend dental veneers for patients who have discolored, chipped or cracked teeth, and those who want to cover significant gaps in their teeth. Patients who wish to alter the length of their teeth can also benefit from dental veneers.

Dental Veneers at The Tooth Family Dental

If you’re in Las Vegas and looking to get dental veneers, you need to make at least three trips to our dental office. During the first trip, our dentist will discuss your options with you. You must be open and forthcoming about what result you wish to achieve so that the dentist can give you accordingly. If you’re a suitable candidate for veneers, the dentist will appraise you of the next steps and book your next appointment.

During your second appointment at The Tooth Family Dental, the dentist will prepare your teeth by trimming off enamel to make room for the veneers. For this step, you’ll need anesthesia. There are several options of anesthesia available at The Tooth Family Dental so be sure to discuss these with the dentist. After trimming, the dentist will make a model of your teeth and send this to the dental lab. In some cases, the patient will receive temporary veneers to use in the 2-4 weeks waiting period.

Your third and final appointment involves bonding the permanent veneers to the teeth. The dentist will first examine the veneers to ensure they’re a good match for the color, size, and shape of your teeth. If the veneers check all boxes, the dentist will apply dental cement onto the veneers and then place them on the trimmed surface of your teeth. The dentist then uses a special kind of light to cure the dental cement, thus bonding the veneer to the tooth. After the bonding, the dentist makes any required alterations such as getting rid of excess dental cement.

Benefits of Veneers

Dental veneers are an ideal option if you’re looking to give your teeth a new lease of life. Veneers can restore your naturally beautiful smile by covering your stains, chips, and cracks. Porcelain doesn’t irritate your gum tissue, and it’s stain-resistant as well. Veneers also don’t require extensive removal of enamel, which is always a plus.

If you’re in Las Vegas, give The Tooth Family Dental a call today and let’s discuss your veneer options.

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