Perfect Smile with Wisdom teeth Extraction Treatment

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Las Vegas, NV

Certain circumstances, such as a wisdom tooth, may require a tooth extraction procedure. Often times, people may feel that extractions cause more harm than good, however this is not always the case. Our experienced team at The Tooth Family Dental provide high quality tooth extraction procedures to benefit the patient’s overall health and wellbeing. What are tooth extractions? How are they performed? When are they needed? Continue reading on to learn more about wisdom tooth extractions and see how they can benefit your smile.

What Is A Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are typically the last teeth to erupt through the gums in a smile. They are commonly referred to as the third molars due to the position in the very back of the mouth. Often times they need to be surgically removed with the help of an oral surgeon. If they get impacted, or stuck below the surface of the gums, then a tooth extraction procedure will be needed. The results of an impacted tooth are pain, infection, and other dental issues. This is often due to not having enough space for the wisdom teeth to grow in amongst the surrounding teeth.

Do You Need a Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Las Vegas?

So, how can you know if you need to extract your wisdom teeth? There are a couple factors to watch out for, including pain, infection, damage to the surrounding tooth, a cyst, and damage to the bone. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you are encouraged to contact your local dentist to schedule an appointment right away as it may be sign of an impacted tooth that needs extracting.

What is Involved in the Procedure?

A tooth extraction is a surgical procedure that involves the use of an anesthetic to avoid discomfort and pain. After your oral surgeon removes the tooth, they will go over specific instructions on how to properly care for the area throughout the healing period. They may also decide to prescribe additional medications to help with pain after the procedure is complete.

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